What our Autism center in Brandon, FL offers

General Behavior Analysis is an Autism Center in Brandon, FL

At General Behavior Analysis Center, the mission of our autism center in Brandon FL is to positively influence change in the world starting with our community. Led by Danai Diaz, a Master of Science in Psychology, our autism center in Brandon FL provides services to clients in our office, homes, schools, and daycare centers, to address behavior and developmental disorders, language barriers and more. We also offer bilingual services as a means of reaching others in our multinational society.



Get to Know Your Autism Center

General Behavior Analysis uses the wealth of research and proven Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) assessments, interventions and techniques to positively impact clients of our autism center in Brandon FL. We use these principles of autism treatment to help individuals with autism learn new behaviors and skills. Using research-based ABA autism treatments, we create personalized autism programs for each member of our autism center in Brandon FL. With measurable results in measurable time, General Behavior Analysis provides the best autism therapy at our autism center in Brandon FL.

Our board-certified behavior analysts use effective ABA autism treatments every day as they work with people of all ages in our autism center in Brandon FL, from young children to teenagers and even autistic adults. A comprehensive approach is taken with autism therapy to ensure that behavior, communication, social interactions and play skills are being addressed in a highly individualized autism treatment plan for each child.

We believe that children should have equal access to effective autism therapies, which is why our autism center in Brandon FL provides expert, individualized behavior analysis services, along with guidance to families of autistic children, adolescents, and young adults. We understand that autism families need a reliable autism center in Brandon FL, and our professional staff is willing to meet you where you are to support families and autism-related organizations.


Each Child Is A World. We’ll Be Happy To Show Them How To Discover Themselves



Services Available at General Behavior Analysis

The General Behavior Analysis autism center in Brandon, FL is a leader in providing:

  • Intensive autism therapy
  • Autism intervention
  • ABA therapy, diagnostics, evaluations, and assessments
  • Language therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Social skills adaptation
  • Job training and counseling for young adults
  • Parent coaching/training

Our autism center in Brandon, FL can also assist in school placement based on a child’s needs through a variety of educational settings including any public schools which have children in autism intervention services.

The expert autism therapists at our autism center in Brandon, FL work with autistic clients and families to create a comprehensive autism treatment plan custom-tailored to an autistic child’s or adolescent’s needs based on a thorough evaluation and assessment. We offer intensive autism therapy for children, adolescents, and adults across the spectrum that is adaptable for all developmental levels, as well as those requiring support in school or home settings.

At our autism center in Brandon, FL, an autism diagnostic evaluation is only the first step in determining the best course of intervention. The next step is finding out how to best address specific needs so we can help increase a client’s level of functioning and improve their quality of life through better communication, social skills training, behavior management strategies, and autism therapy.

We welcome you and your family to our autism center in Brandon FL where we offer a comprehensive range of services under one roof instead of referring out to multiple providers like most other autism centers. This makes life easier for families with autistic children or those belonging to the spectrum to receive needed care without traveling great distances for autism treatment and autism intervention.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or you want to get more information about the services we offer. We will be happy to hear from you!


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