What do we do at our Autism center in Tampa?

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Autism Center in Tampa, FL
What do we do at General Behavior Analysis?

We are proud to call ourselves the best and most referred to Autism center in Tampa, FL at General Behavior Analysis center. We are dedicated to making a change in your world, and we want to be your preferred Autism center in Tampa, FL. Under the guidance of Danai Diaz, the Master of Science in Psychology at General Behavior Analysis, we provide services across Florida homes, communities, schools, and daycare facilities. We are proud to offer bilingual services with great respect to our multicultural society.

We offer a variety of services at General Behavior Analysis

Initial evaluation: As an expert Autism center in Tampa, FL, we provide initial independent assessments on children, adolescents, and adults with behavior problems. Initial evaluation can discover the specific characteristics of each client. Our expert therapists will observe, record, implement and then evaluate the behavior and develop an initial evaluation report with their treatment recommendations.
Second Opinion Professional Evaluation: A second opinion evaluation will help you get a re-evaluation on your medical situation and give you an independent assessment of the client so that they can feel more confident about your decision-making.

ABA Therapy: Applied Behavioral Therapy, also known as ABA therapy, helps improve communication, social, and learning skills through special reinforcements mechanisms. As the recognized Autism center in Tampa, FL, the General Behavior Analysis is the best treatment for children or adults with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental conditions.

RBT Supervisions/ Formation and Training: RBT is a professional qualification in behavioral analysis. RBTs assist in delivering the behavior analysis services and practice under supervision. At General Behavior analysis we provide the training and Supervision supervisions as the preferred Autism center in Tampa, FL.

The proper term for ABA is Applied Behavior Analysis. This type of therapy is often used in teaching individuals with Autism to understand and adapt the behavior which is within the range of what’s considered ‘normal’. According to studies, up to 70% of children who undergo this sort of treatment receive significant improvements in their communication skills, fine motor development, and cooperative play.

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Why you should consider using the ABA services from the Autism center in Tampa, FL

One of the best things about ABA is that it can be used by anyone at any age, regardless of their level of learning or development, and at General Behavior Analysis we are the expert Autism center in Tampa, FL. The primary goal at our Autism center in Tampa, FL is to help children and adults with autism develop language skills necessary for them to interact in everyday life. It also helps individuals better understand themselves and others, manage their emotions, and learn to make responsible decisions. Needless to say, ABA is a highly significant treatment for those with autism.
Recognizing these behaviors early can help you with developing a treatment plan for them. This often leads to very effective outcomes. Be mindful of these actions, and create an appointment contacting us by clicking here for an initial assessment with General Behavior Analysis to discuss the best Autism center in Tampa, FL


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